Curly Cut FAQs

Q:  What is the difference between a Curly Cut and a Deva Cut?

A: Both cuts are done on dry hair.  A Curly Cut is done by an apprentice, and a Deva Cut is done by a stylist who has had Deva training, and is, therefore, Deva Inspired.


Q: What will a Curly/Deva Cut do that a traditional wet cut won’t?

A: Cutting curly hair dry allows the stylist to cut each curl in its natural state. This technique is especially beneficial for those who have different curl textures throughout the hair.

Q: Will a Curly Cut/Deva Cut make my hair curlier?

A: No. The cut itself does not affect how the hair grows from the scalp.


Q:  What if I wear my curly hair straight from time to time? Can I still have a curly cut? 

A: Yes, if you do occasionally wear your curls straight, let your stylist know, and she will make the correct adjustments in terms of technique and product recommendations.


Q: My hair is curly/wavy, but I don’t ever wear it in its natural state. Do I have to have a dry curly cut?

A: No. The focus of our salon is to serve the needs of the client, always. If you are most comfortable wearing your curls straightened or smoothed, we will be happy to accommodate that. And if you ever decide to try a natural curl/wave, we will be happy to work with that as well. At the end of the day, it is about your comfort, satisfaction, and happiness.