Know Before You Book and Go
Curly hair Minneapolis

Q: Are all the stylists skilled at cutting curly hair?

A: Yes. As the first salon in Minnesota (and maybe all of the Midwest) to specialize in curly hair, all of our stylists are trained in cutting and coloring curly hair. Please note:  ”Curly Cuts” and “Deva Cuts” are both done on dry hair.  A Curly Cut is done by an apprentice, and a Deva Cut is done by a stylist who has had Deva training, and is, therefore, Deva inspired. Currently we have five Deva Inspired stylists. For further information, please contact the salon.

Q: Does the stylist cut curly hair while it’s dry?

A: Yes.

Q: Will the stylist see me for a consultation before a curly cut?

A: Yes, consultations are complimentary and required. They can be booked as a stand alone appointment or with a curly cut or color.

Q. What products does the salon use?

A: For curly hair, we highly recommend Deva, but do have an alternative product such as Mop Top, and innersense. For more product information, please ask your stylist.

Q: How do I schedule a consultation?

You can book any salon or spa appointment by clicking our "Book Now" button or calling (612) 729-4415


Q: What do I need to know before I get there?

A: Come to your appointment with dry hair and in its naturally curly state. Your hair will be cut dry (not wet), so it is imperative that your hair is dry and in its curly state (not pulled up or back in any way). For curls sake no ponytails, braids, halfbacks, updos or anything that stretches out the curls are welcome on the day of your appointment!

Q: What should I expect on my first visit.

A: For starters, you can expect a cup of hot tea and a pleasant experience, and to learn how to properly care for your curls. We are here to do our absolute best to ensure that happens. Expect to answer a lot of questions about your hair, the challenges you’re facing, and where you would like your hair to be today and in a few months from now. Unfortunately, getting healthy curls does not happen overnight. It is a process that takes time and deliberation (and is totally worth it in the end). You can, however, expect to leave with beautiful curls that you’ve likely never seen before!

 More questions?  Check out the Curly Cut FAQ  or ask via email, phone or Facebook!